Having Melissa attend the birth of our daughter was the best decision of our pregnancy! Her calm and steady presence was a huge support in what was a very long labour. Hour after hour, Melissa was attuned to our needs, offering various coping strategies and words of encouragement. Thanks to her, we were able to have the empowered, conscious birth experience we were seeking. Since we could rely on her to be experienced in the birth process we could focus more on the present moment.

Specific examples include:

    anticipating an early routine visit to the hospital might be prolonged and encouraging us to bring everything – which proved correct
    suggesting we re-visit coping strategies which had not worked previously which later proved very helpful and allowed for hours of additional sleep
    staying many hours longer than we expected her too with a seeming desire to see things through
    throughout without asking: water glass full, pillows handy, lighting adjusted

We highly recommend Melissa! She is professional, extremely kind, and worth every penny.
-Alison and Stephen

Melissa and Dori were very kind, empathetic and supportive as I prepared for the birth. Melissa was directly available from the beginning of the labour process up until the birth, which lasted a few days. She provided emotional support over the phone and was a crucial support for me when I was in the hospital. She provided hands on relief to help me manage pain and discomfort, and was able to give guidance through her years of experience.
Our labour was long, intense and a bit stressful. Melissa was with us through it all. Her help and care gave me confidence and comfort and also allowed my partner to take breaks and get some rest when needed.
Following the birth, Melissa also visited our home to provide us with any additional support that was required. Overall, I can confidently say that my birthing experience would have not been the same without Melissa. She helped me feel confident in my decisions and was an advocate for me during a very vulnerable time. I would highly recomend Melissa and Dori for doula support. -Kiyoka

“We are very grateful and thankful to our wonderful doula, Melissa. As first time parents it was fabulous having someone with such calm, positive energy to assist in the birth of our beautiful daughter. I first met Melissa at a prenatal yoga class where she was a substitute instructor and was amazed by the calm aura that surrounded her. When I found out she was also a doula, I decided that I wanted her to attend our birth. I had a lot of anxiety about the whole birthing process but Melissa helped to ease those fears. She was open to whatever my husband and I needed and supported our wants and desires for the type of birth we hoped for. Her home visit before the birth helped us get to know her better and she was always available by phone. When I went into labour, everything happened very fast but Melissa was with us from the start. At the hospital she was able to provide me with strategies to stay focused and as relaxed as possible. She coached me through contractions and provided the extra experienced support I needed. My husband, who was initially sceptical of hiring a doula, was so relieved to have Melissa at the hospital with us as he was able to just focus on me during the labour while Melissa got us water, snacks and even took the first pictures of our baby girl. Melissa truly helped make my first birth a positive experience and now I love seeing her every week at our baby and me yoga class!”-Shannon D.

Melissa was our doula for the home birth of our first child. I knew her from my choir but my partner and I met with her a couple of times leading up to our birth to discuss what to expect and our goals for the birth. She also met my sister and dad who were planning on being at the birth. Melissa was also my prenatal yoga instructor while I was pregnant so I knew her quite well by the time of the birth.

Melissa came over once I was nearly fully dilated, shortly after my midwives arrived. She was really attentive and helped make sure I was fed and hydrated. She made sure I was as comfortable (as could be) and checked in about my comfort level with all the people in the room. She made sure my hypnobabies recordings were playing and found music to play that she knew was meaningful for me. My sister remembers that Melissa had good intuition about what others might want to do and had suggestions to help make them feel useful. For example she encouraged my sister to prepare food for all of us. When it was time for our daughter’s arrival, she knew my partner wanted to catch the baby and made sure we were all in the right positions. She stayed for a while after the birth to make sure we were looked after, but knew when to give us space and privacy. She took photos on her phone during the birth, as requested, so we’d remember what was a total blur! She shared them a couple days after but suggested we wait at least a week to look at them to ensure we processed the experience mentally. She checked in regularly for a couple weeks after by text and came for a visit to see how we were all doing. She offered books from her library and shared wisdom, without being prescriptive, from her own experiences as a mom of two.  Melissa is an experienced doula who really cares about the parents, babies, and associated family members. We were very grateful to have her at our birth and would love to hire her again! -Jessica

Melissa made the birth of my son Levin a wonderful event that I will always remember with the most positive and miraculous feelings. I had about five hours of very intense labour as my baby was posterior and my contractions were extremely difficult. She held my hand for each and every contraction and I remember hearing her words repeatedly: “Erica you are so strong! Your are going to breath this baby out! You are doing it!” She attended to my every need (including holding the garbage can when necessary) so that my husband could focus on helping the midwives and preparing other things around our home during the labour and delivery. I was fortunate enough to be able to give birth at home (this wasn’t the case for my first child) and if I ever were to repeat the experience I would do it exactly the same with Melissa by my side.-Erica S.
Melissa was present at the birth of our first child. I cannot express how thoughtful, sensitive, strong, caring, and calm she was during the course of our labor. Her ability to hold a space, keep it safe, and make you feel supported is immeasurable. My husband felt having her there not only gave him time to rest, but offered valuable insights and empowered him to participate and feel useful. I highly recommend Melissa for pre/post natal support as well as to help usher you through your birth experience, her kind and loving nature add beauty and strength to any environment.-Amy
“I had a lot of anxiety about the whole birthing process but Melissa helped to ease those fears. She was open to whatever my husband and I needed and supported our wants and desires for the type of birth we hoped for. Her home visit before the birth helped us get to know her better and she was always available by phone.” A
Yoga testimonial:
“I have attended Melissa’s Hatha Yoga class almost every Friday evening for the past year. Nothing dissolves the work week stress better than this 90 minutes of bliss with Melissa. What makes it so deeply relaxing for me, is the flow and sequencing of poses combined with Melissa’s gentle, caressing voice. After a physically and mentally demanding high energy stretch of days, I need this oasis of restorative calm. When I leave the class, I feel very grounded and free and able to fully surrender to whatever life brings. I highly recommend Melissa and thank her for the gift of her teaching”– Ginger M.
“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful yoga class this evening. It had such a beautiful flow to it and the sequencing felt really good. Thank you for helping me relax and glow for the rest of the night. Thank you!”– Jess R.