Prenatal Yoga – Saturdays 11:15-12:15 Trout Lake Community Center with Melissa Rodrigues

Prenatal Education – Birthing From Within, Dancing Star Birth

Acupuncture – Acumamas

Postpartum Breastfeeding and Maternal Health

Baby and me yoga – with Melissa Rodrigues

(Mondays 10-11 at Trout Lake Community Center

& Fridays 12-1 at Mount Pleasant Community Center)
Postpartum support Pacific Post Partum Support Society
Breastfeeding Help, Online Videos – Dr. Jack Newton
Breastfeeding Help – La Leche League
Mama Care – Mothers Unfolding, Dancing Star Birth

Local Postpartum Services

We have worked with these businesses and recommend them!

Food on the Table (Chef at Home service) by my good friend Yvette Dumouchel
Cloth Diaper Service – Happy Baby Cheeks $24/week unlimited plus delivery.
Menstrual Products and Care – Lunapads

Parent and infant drop in groups through Vancouver Coastal Health

We also offer postpartum doula services.  The postpartum support can include help with breastfeeding and baby care, mom and couple care, sibling support, light cleaning, food preparation, and someone to talk to about the powerful and sometimes challenging transition to being a new parent.

$25 an hour (4 hour minimum)