Doula Care

I work with a doula partner, Dori Harrison and we are both DONA trained doulas.  I’ve trained as a Hypnodoula and also the  Wise Woman Way of Birth with Jessica Austin and Gloria Lemay.

We are constantly upgrading our skills and abilities to better support families, their loved ones, and their caregivers during pregnancy and labour. We minimize distraction, provide information, help with your comfort, and create safety and security so that you can do what you need to do to birth your baby.

We help with practical skills for you and your partner to draw on, as well as perspective, information, and a bag of tricks to help in your labour. We actively support each other, so that whichever doula is on call,  you still benefit from all of our experience, alternative training, reading, and research.

We will be strong and rooted when you need us to hold space.

All births are different, and yours will be unique. Our focus is to hear your wishes and encourage you to trust your abilities. Birth is a flowing, instinctive experience. We are there to help you find your rhythm and strength, to find the wisdom in yourself that has always been there. 


We believe that birth is an intense transition and an experience both unique and personal. It is also natural, human, and possible; a rich and rewarding journey. Regardless of how or where you birth, we believe that your growing family deserves the sort of listening, respect, and care that supports you on your path to parenthood.

As a team of two doulas, we ensure that you always have the best we have to offer – our combined expertise, the resources and knowledge of each of us, a doula you have connected with in any circumstance, and a fresh doula if your labour requires it.


As doulas, we provide emotional and physical support, as well as information, perspective, and experience. We are excited for you! We’d love to hear about your excitement, worries, questions, and wishes. We are confident that however your baby comes into this world, if you are safe and supported, your birth will be a day to remember with love and pride.

We do not provide clinical services to you or your baby, but rather help you work with your caregivers so that you are your own best advocate.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact us at melistopher97 at

Standard Birth Package With a Birth Team- $1500

  • Our team will meet with you twice prenatally.
  • We will be available by phone, email, and text to answer questions, and have a lending library we’re happy to share.
  • We can help you frame questions to ask busy caregivers so that your concerns are addressed and answered.
  • Because we work as a team, you will have one of our doulas with you quickly even if you go into labour prior to full term. 
  • One of us will arrive to help you in early labour, and will stay with you as you need through your labour until you give birth.
  • While attending your labour and birth, your doula will provide her experience, her hands, and her heart. We can suggest things, support your partner, or follow your lead, as you most wish. Throughout labours, we’ve gone for long walks, had a dance party, made food, filled and emptied pools, given massage, talked things through, and more…
  • After your baby arrives, your doula will stay for an hour or two, as you wish. She can help establish breastfeeding, take pictures, and help your new family settle in.
  • One of your team of doulas will visit you once postpartum as needed by you, and will continue to be an email and phone resource as needed.
  • We can connect you with doula colleagues who rent out birthing pools.
  • We bring an Elle Tens machine

Postpartum Doula Services

Melissa offers postpartum doula services.  The postpartum support can include help with breastfeeding and baby care, parent and couple care, sibling support, baby laundry, food preparation, and someone to talk to about the powerful and sometimes challenging transition to being a new parent.

$35 an hour (3 hour minimum unless in East Vancouver)

Doula Mentorship

Helping new doulas find their way.

We can meet together on zoom and discuss any doula related topics.

Topics include:

interview process

Prenatal meeting preparation 

postpartum debrief and prep

early labour techniques/tools

questions about the career

how to get started

where to find clients 

how to build a sustainable doula business

Please contact for details.